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Three methods for emergency response of car panel equipment
- 2019-08-22-

Vehicle parts are worn and damaged is inevitable, just take the refrigerated truck, when the refrigerated truck car panel equipment Damaged by impact or other causes. It will make the refrigerated truck have to stop using it immediately. If we encounter this situation, what should we do? The following small series will tell you about the three methods of emergency response.

The domestic and outdoor skins of small-sized refrigerated cars are mostly glass steel plates, and the middle interlayer (ie, the insulation layer) is basically a polyurethane insulation material. Therefore, the common damage of domestic small-sized refrigerated car bodies is: the skin inside and outside the skin. Scratches and cracks; the insulation of the car body is damaged; the skin of the car body is peeled off in small areas.

1. Polishing and painting process

Scratches or cracks in the skin inside and outside the car not only affect the appearance of the car, but also affect the insulation performance of the car body.

Repair method: Grind the scratched and cracked areas into rough surface, then mix the mixture and spread the mixed atomic ash evenly on the surface. The light is flat and then painted.

2. Dividing compensation method

Repair of damage to the insulation layer of the car, damage to the insulation layer due to impact or other reasons, which is a large loss to the small refrigerated truck. It is highly likely to lose the insulation properties of the refrigerated and insulated car body.

Repair method: Cut the damaged part of the insulation layer to a small area, and make the same size of polyurethane insulation material and glass steel plate, cover the insulation material with glass fiber felt and apply unsaturated polyester glue. Attach the inner and outer glass steel plates, place them in the hole of the cut carboard, and fix it with the whole carboard with external force for about 1 to 2 hours. After the glue is cured, repair the paint.

3.Injection method

Small-sized refrigerated compartments have small area peeling and repairing inside and outside the skin, and the small area peeling of the skin inside and outside the body is commonly called “bubbling”, which is due to the production of the panel. During the process, a small amount of gas between the skin and the insulation layer is not discharged in time, so that the skin and the insulation layer cannot be completely bonded. This phenomenon easily causes the whole skin to be completely peeled off, which seriously affects the heat preservation effect.

Repair method: drill a small hole of 8mm in the middle of the stripping position of the panel, inject the unsaturated polyester glue into it with a glue gun, press it with external force, and repair the painting after the glue is completely cured. /p>

Although there is a problem with the vehicle, there is a way to solve it. However, the repaired car is definitely not better than the unmodified car. If you want to have fewer problems with the vehicle, you should pay more attention to it when you use it.