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What are the structures of the car panel equipment, and what are its characteristics?
- 2019-08-22-
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Some customers are talking about the benefits of the structure of the car board equipment they purchased, convenience, etc., but only a small part of the structure Explain, I will introduce you to the overall structure of the car panel equipment, so that you can better understand the structural characteristics of the car panel equipment.

The roof panel, front panel, side panel and door panel of the car panel are made of the new internationally popular FRP sheet for the skin of the van wall. The middle layer is a new type of non-fluorinated polyurethane foam material. Adhesive, screw and skeleton are connected, the thickness of the insulation layer is 80-100mm, and the heat insulation function is better.

The body of the car is tight and solid, with high mechanical strength, flat and beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance and easy cleaning. The refrigerated car body is composed of a fully enclosed plate structure, and the plates are made of high-strength structural adhesive. The utility model has the advantages of large connection reliability and better sealing and heat preservation function, and the car body device is simple and convenient.

High-precision door panel production process, using imported sealing strips to ensure the sealing and heat insulation function of the door. The interior of the car body is made of special aluminum alloy profiles or stainless steel edging, angle aluminum, FRP wrap angle, galvanized door hinges, side and tail device guardrails, equipped with various lighting fixtures, all beautiful, harmonious, reliable quality, solid and durable . Reinforced floor design, the bottom plate is made of high-quality pattern steel plate to ensure the carrying capacity of the car, to consolidate wear and easy to load and unload. The material selection and structural design can be carried out according to customer requirements, and various refrigeration units can be installed according to customer requirements. The compartment can be built in to meet the multi-cabin and multi-temperature transportation requirements.

1. The structure is beautiful. Because the whole machine uses H-shaped steel structure and is processed after welding, the structure is simple and reasonable, the storage capacity is strong, and the operation is stable and reliable.

2, other important components of the equipment, components are selected for the accessories of well-known domestic enterprises, thus effectively ensuring the function of the equipment.

3, the degree of active formation is high, the length is blocked, the fixed length is accurate, and the shape of the head is pretty neat and not deformed.

4, equipment installation is convenient, suitable for factory production.

5, equipment noise is low, and work efficiency is high.

6, uncoiler, guide, leveling machine, guiding device, mainframe forming, active spot welding, active tailing flying saw cutting, finished bracket.