Turning of steel machinery for cold-bending forming equipment and its twisted solution
- 2019-08-23-

    Cold Forming Equipment<>Steel machinery is used in many projects, its effect can not be replaced, the cold bending machine in the forward processing accuracy, the damage to the original structural strength of the steel, so that the arch beam arch is more suitable for engineering, but In order to better use the molding machine, it is important to understand the method of debugging the cold bending machine.

When operating a cold-formed steel machine, you must first look at the operating procedures and wear safety precautions. The equipment should be cleaned and cleaned before production to avoid the possibility of debris falling into the machine during operation. The fittings are adjusted according to the scale of the steel. The scale of the general fittings is equal to or greater than the scale of the steel.

When the fascia is folded, the pressure on the equipment should be reduced as much as possible to avoid harming the equipment. When the operation is applied, the steel should be adjusted to the same position when it is placed in the equipment. Only one piece of steel can be produced at a time. When making steel profiles, you must not put your hands in the equipment to pose physical injury, pay attention to safety.

After the operation is completed, close the power supply and exit the program to check the maintenance equipment. The environment used for cold-formed steel processing is different. Assuming that the commissioning operation is not finished, the molding machine cannot exert its application value, and the corresponding cold-formed steel machine has more and more effects, and the function becomes more convenient, the efficiency becomes better, and debugging The operation is very important

In order to avoid the distortion of the cold-formed steel machinery, the neutral layer of the deformation zone is accurate, the material in the deformation zone is accurate, and the symmetry of the roller is good; the non-deformed area is as free as possible, the device The empty space in each area of the upper and lower rollers is consistent; and before the material is bitten, the guiding oblique opening should be set according to the rolling condition of the front road, and the material slides smoothly in the rolling before the pressure is stabilized.

The precision of the roller machining of cold-formed steel machinery is the key. For this purpose, special tools are specially produced under the projector, which is extended by 20 times for inspection. The main drive side, the roller cone bearing is selected to ensure that the radial runout of the main shaft is in the range of 0.04MM to ensure that the main shaft does not move left and right. Generally, the ball bearing itself has empty space, and the axial movement cannot be avoided in the accurate transmission.