How to control the quality of photovoltaic scaffolding equipment
- 2019-08-23-

Solar photovoltaic stent forming equipment is made of high-quality continuous steel strip as a raw material and rolled by cold bending process. Metal frame, used for placement in solar power systems, special brackets for mounting and fixing solar panel 2, featuring versatility, robustness, aesthetics and ease of installation and adjustment. It is an important structural component in the solar support system. It can move flexibly according to the direction of the sun light and the season. By adjusting the installation position and fixing the node, the tilt angle of the solar panel can be easily changed to adapt to different illumination directions. The choice of photovoltaic support equipment must first pay attention to buy qualified products, qualified products are easier to operate and more convenient to use.

And the PV holder equipment is wiped out before use and the mold is cleaned. Select the appropriate die according to the specifications of the folded sheet, pay attention to the size of the die. Protect the mold and adjust the operating pressure of the system appropriately. Adjust the distance between all the molds of the photovoltaic support device to make the distance between them more uniform. quality.

Photovoltaic stents are commonly used in current construction, and the application rate is still growing. This has made more and more stringent requests for construction techniques and processes for photovoltaic stents. In terms of the skill standard, production process and industry standards of the stent, there are still many achievements that need to be deeply studied and analyzed, and there is still a lot of room for development.

In order to prevent inferior photovoltaic scaffolds from being used in engineering construction, and to assess the stability of PV scaffold quality, it is necessary to stop re-examination. Any PV scaffolds that are unclear or of high quality are required. Stop tracking and repairing, in order to master and guarantee its quality, only the strict control, the ability to invalidate the quality of the photovoltaic bracket and the quality of all construction.