The role of cold-formed steel machinery in the processing of food trough equipment
- 2019-08-23-

The cold-bending machine is a multi-pass forming roll that is sequentially arranged to produce metal sheets such as coils and strips. A machine that continuously bends laterally to make a plastic working process for a specific section profile.

The trough cold forming equipment is a type of cold-formed steel machine that is specifically designed for the production of trough equipment. By punching the metal sheet first, then leveling and then turning, the punching is completed, and then entering the cold-bending forming machine, and then rolling through multiple passes of the rolling mold to form the trough profile required for breeding.

Cutting automated production equipment according to the required length, the requirements for the operator are relatively simple, only one person can complete. The equipment is not only highly automated, but also easy to manage and maintain. Mainly improve production efficiency and reduce the production and operation costs of enterprises.

This kind of cold-formed steel machine adopts the arch-type structure, high strength, gear box transmission, stable operation; the roll mold design is scientific and reasonable, the damage to the internal structure of raw materials is small, the process is reliable, and the punching precision is high. The length can be cut off as needed, the rolling speed is about 10 meters per minute, and the output is very high.

With the development of modern industry, the demand for the cold-bending forming line of the trough is increasing. The processing equipment for the cold-bending forming line of the trough solves the problems of traditional craftsmanship and high cost. The mass production of the production line mode can be completed in one person from the raw material to the finished product.

The main part of cold-formed steel machinery is the roll. In order to extend its life, the average force principle of each pass is required. The average force of the roller is balanced and the wear is balanced. The material is made of wear resistance, but specific The strength and hardness are contradictory. The heat resistance of C12MoV should be utilized during heat treatment. After quenching, two to three times of tempering can reach the hardness.