Technical attention to the ground matrix of solar photovoltaic stenting equipment
- 2019-08-23-

Currently more common and commonly used solar photovoltaic stent forming equipment There are two main ways to install the base. One is a concrete-based photovoltaic support, and the other is a ground-based photovoltaic support. Some large-scale photovoltaic power plants in China use the first one, mainly because: First, some local geographical environment, and second, cost control considerations. However, it is more common in foreign countries to use photovoltaic supports based on pile foundations, because they consider the reuse of land, and the economic cost is rather loose.

The solar photovoltaic scaffolding ground matrix needs to pay attention to two points in terms of technology:

First, it is the requirement of wind-resistant bracket.

Second, the distance between the bracket matrix and the bracket matrix.

To ensure wind resistance, the brackets are mostly made of aluminum alloy and steel structure. In this way, the skill guarantees that the bracket is wind-resistant, which will not cause the solar bracket to be fixed and hidden. The overall appearance of the stand.

Photovoltaic support equipment mold protection is very important, when you use the machine according to the operating procedures of the photovoltaic support equipment and the specified requirements, and to do the protection work.

Selecting photovoltaic support equipment must first pay attention to buy qualified products. The qualified products are easier to operate and more convenient to use.

And the PV holder equipment is wiped out before use and the mold is cleaned. Select the appropriate die according to the specifications of the folded sheet, pay attention to the size of the die. Protect the mold and adjust the operating pressure of the system appropriately. Adjust the distance between all the molds of the photovoltaic support device to make the distance between them more uniform.

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